7 January 2013
7 January 2013,

How often should I clean my windows?

Every day! Well, that\’s a pretty obvious answer coming from a window cleaner! But really, customers often ask this simple question. Here we dive into the age old question.

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Well, you know I have an office, my film offices. So I know that syndrome. I fancy offices, so there must be something wrong with me. Even the window cleaner intrigues me. It\’s a very sexy environment.   ~Hugh Grant


We all know how beautiful windows look just after they\’ve been cleaned. If you don\’t know that feeling, you should splurge at least once for a professional window cleaning, it\’s to die for.  At least know this, if you can see the window glass, it\’s dirty and should be cleaned.

The Benefits of Clean Glass

I\’ve had customers say, “I don\’t think I\’ve ever across the street before!” Clean glass is virtually invisible. You should be able to see the trees outside and even the birds on their branches! Also, clean glass is less likely to incur a buildup of water stains or mineral deposits. Often, dirt trapped behind screens builds up and can stain the glass hiding behind it.

Storm Window Cleaning

Storm windows were installed on older homes (pre-1980\’s) where single paned glass is present to help improve the thermal efficiency of a home\’s window and heating performance. If you have storm windows, it\’s best to at least open your windows once a season. Why not let us do it and clean out those cob-webs along the way. Depending on the original window, storm windows can be pretty large and require one to two people and some special tools (screw driver, suction cups, etc.) to remove them. Many people often hire a professional window cleaner to clean only the outsides of their windows by removing the storms, cleaning the storm windows, and also cleaning the outside of the original windows before reinstalling the storm windows.

The Physical Effects of Sunlight

Who doesn\’t want more light? We can see better, it cuts down on energy and light usage. It\’s even proven that sunlight makes us happy and healthy. Do you wonder why the cold and flu spreads in the winter? Because of less sunlight. Sunlight produces Vitamin D in our body, like photosynthesis in plants. Vitamin D aids in fighting off depression and increases our immune response when fighting sickness and disease.

So How Often

Each person is different. Some see window cleaning as a necessity and others, as a luxury. We tend to find that twice a year cleaning is best: Spring Cleaning  of the inside and outside of your windows and the Fall Cleaning where we wash only the outsides of windows to get rid of that summer dust. Splitting up your window cleaning projects helps you enjoy your windows during the best times of the year. A good Spring Cleaning lets you just get rid of the winter blues once and for all; a thorough cleaning inside and out of your home and windows. The outside of your windows tend to get more dirty, and more quickly, than the inside of your home\’s windows. This is why we would recommend having them cleaned at least twice per year. Often, if you go with a cleaning company for multiple cleanings per year, even for different cleaning types, they will offer you a repeat customer discount of 10% or more. It\’s worth asking and helps to create a sense of loyalty with your cleaning professionals.

Do you want to know when exactly?

So you want to know when is the best time for window cleaning. Here in Portland, Oregon, according to Google Trends, people seem to search window cleaning the most, from most often to least, in 1.) May, 2.) August, 3.) June. This is when people seem to like their windows cleaned. It\’s always best to schedule your window cleaning a few weeks ahead of time. Be sure to plan around events and holidays and rest assured that windows can stay remarkably clean for quite a few weeks. Window cleaners get swamped with frantic callers in May, near holidays like Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. So plan ahead!

How to Keep Windows Cleaner Longer

If you\’re looking to avoid window cleaning or keep your windows cleaner longer after you\’ve already had them cleaned there are three options to consider. First, use a soap that doesn\’t leave behind any residue. Even when you have your windows cleaned, there can be film left behind that can attract more dirt. It\’s pretty hard to avoid this when you use a chemical on your glass, but if there is nothing left behind, then there is nothing left for the dirt to stick to. I prefer to use the soap Eco-ver as it seems to leave behind minimal soap and residue and keep windows cleaner longer. Soaps like Dawn, Ajax, or any other dish soap may be good for cleaning your drinking glasses, they can also be used to clean greasy finger prints off of glass. Second, clean more than just the windows. When it rains, it goes from top to bottom. Rain hits the top of your home and the water carries dirt from the top of your home\’s siding on downward and even leaving some dirt behind on your glass. If you\’re not having your house\’s siding washed when you have your windows cleaned, then you\’re not getting the most out of  your clean windows. By removing the dirt above your windows, your allowing your windows to stay cleaner longer. Third, seal your window glass. Earlier I talked about how the soaps you use can attract dirt. Now, do just the opposite. Apply a glass sealant to put a protective layer between your glass and the elements. Some window cleaners offer this, especially for glass shower stalls, but applying something like Rain-X on your windows will keep them cleaner the longest. Want to step it up a notch? Apply Envi-Coat, available here, and you\’ll have the longest lasting clean windows in the world. Guaranteed.


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